• There are 2 ways to subscribe.

          The automotive landscape has changed. Subscribing is a flexible and cost-efficient alternative to leasing or financing a vehicle, don’t get stuck with long term leases or finance obligations!
        • To Own It’s a great alternative to owning or leasing, without the hassles and long-term commitments. You have the flexibility to swap into a cheaper or more expensive vehicle on a monthly basis and your monthly payment will be adjusted accordingly.
          Monthly LMP’s subscribe-To-Own program offers the flexibility of vehicle subscription along with the ability to own the vehicle you’ve chosen to subscribe.
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Amazon Creates Vehicle listing Site to Compete with AutoTrader, KBB.com, Cars.com, TrueCar.com, EbayMotors.com, CarGurus.com, etc .

Hyundai is the first carmaker to launch a digital showroom on Amazon.com’s Vehicles hub. Let the disruption begin.

Your Next Car Could Be A Flexible Subscription Model

In developed markets like the UK and the US, subscription-based ownership models have already crossed 10% of monthly household incomes. We are now subscribing for literally everything, from mobile phone packages to even shaving blades…

LMP Orders New Lamborghini Huracans

LMP orders new Lamborghini Huracans to expand its rental and subscription business.

BMW & Mini Purchases for Subscription and Rental Business

LMP Signs an agreement to purchase new BMW’s and MINI’s for its subscription and rental divisions and has placed its initial order of approximately $12,000,000…

LMP Retains Morgan Stanley

LMP retains Morgan Stanley for financial services.

LMP Closes is First Round Equity Offering

LMP closes is first round equity offering raising $9,517,239 and files a form D…

LMP Starts E-Commerce Platform Work

LMP commences construction of its online and e-commerce platforms and begins test marketing…

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