• There are 2 ways to subscribe.

          The automotive landscape has changed. Subscribing is a flexible and cost-efficient alternative to leasing or financing a vehicle, don’t get stuck with long term leases or finance obligations!
        • To Own It’s a great alternative to owning or leasing, without the hassles and long-term commitments. You have the flexibility to swap into a cheaper or more expensive vehicle on a monthly basis and your monthly payment will be adjusted accordingly.
          Monthly LMP’s subscribe-To-Own program offers the flexibility of vehicle subscription along with the ability to own the vehicle you’ve chosen to subscribe.
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Now offering 3 ways to drive.

LMP was founded on a single premise and that is that no one really cares about “something for everyone.” By that we mean that, while it is nice to think that everyone’s needs can be accommodated somewhere and somehow, what you specifically want is personalized to you. Specific to your circumstances and needs.

LMP realized early on that the American automotive business – not the building of vehicles, but the getting them to consumers – was highly flawed and not very consumer-centric. So, we embarked on a methodical process to do something different.

While we’re always evolving, the result is LMP – a passionately focused, multi-faceted automotive company designed to deliver exactly the right car, truck, SUV or another vehicle to you in exactly the best way to accommodate your needs.

We’re not so immodest as to say we’re perfect. But, you might say so.
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What can I Afford?
Thinking about a new set of wheels? Maybe an upgrade for yourself or a member of the family? Check out our payment calculater and see!


Want to upgrade your ride? Fill out our online form, or stop by and show us what you’ve got. Trade it in, or we’ll give you an imediate cash offer!

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LMP’s approval process is simple, and designed for all situations. Corporate Accounts, Self Employed, Foreign Nationals and all Credit Types. Let's get started!

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