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LMP Motors

What’s the big deal?

We’re bringing new perspectives to the process of finding and acquiring the set of wheels you’ve been wanting. Most important is that we’re making it easy, convenient and pain-free. You’re in control. You scan the inventory online from the convenience of your home. You buy and arrange financing online. No pushy sales people. No stress. We’ll bring your vehicle to your doorstep or pay your airfare to South Florida to pick it up yourself, up to $300.*


The LMP Difference

Getting you what you want matters.

Previously, haggling was the only hope you had to get a decent deal. Now, LMP Motors offers haggle-free pricing! You can save as much as 15% on your purchase!

LMP Motors


Some car dealerships say they offer “no haggle pricing.” The difference with LMP is that with our Haggle-Free Pricing our prices are, in fact, low! No kidding. With our low overhead and no-pressure online sales method, you’ll save as much as 15%.


Since you’re buying online, you have 7 days or 250 miles to see if the car, truck or SUV fits your needs. If not, no sweat. Simply exchange it for another vehicle in our huge inventory. See details on our FAQ page.


Although most of our vehicles are late model and are still under factory warranty, our vehicles undergo a meticulous stem-to-stern pre-sale inspection. If you’d like further protection, LMP offers extended service contracts to put your mind at ease.


We buy a lot of vehicles. A whole lot of vehicles. And, we buy them direct. LMP’s volume, coupled with the way it does business, allows it to pass substantial savings on to you. That’s our big advantage!


If you don’t have your own financing, LMP works with a number of lenders to obtain the best rates possible for every buyer. Regardless of your credit score, LMP can likely find financing for your purchase. It’s as important to us as it is to you.


The LMP model is designed to overcome every possible inconvenience. Buying a car can be a major aggravation. We’ve experienced it ourselves and we didn’t like it. That’s why with LMP, you shop, buy and finance from the comfort of home. No sales pressure from us. Buy a car in your jammies! Try it - it’s fun!

You’re not ordinary

Why rent form an ordinary company?

Hop in an Uber or Lyft from Fort Lauderdale International airport and you’ll be here in just a few minutes. LMP can rent you just the vehicle you want for your mission, be it business or pleasure. We have vehicles of all types and styles, ranging from luxury to sporty to practical. You’ll drive exactly what you want, and you’ll likely save a lot of money in the process.


When in South Florida

This is where to rent.

Unless you prefer to rent from one of those big airport rental companies and pay more for a boring car, check us out! We’re minutes away. You’ll drive something interesting. And, you’ll save money.

LMP Motors

Wide selection

LMP has a wide (really, really wide) range of vehicles to choose from. Cars, trucks, SUVs, fun cars, convertibles and even sports cars. From a capacious cargo van like the Nissan NV200 to a sporty luxury like the Mercedes AMG GT…. and everything in-between. Don’t limit yourself to just what they have at the airport.


Connectivity apps for your smartphone or regular old Bluetooth? We have it. SiriusXM? Yep. Wi-Fi hotspots? Yes. Backup cameras? We have models with that, too. Powered tailgates to make loading and unloading easier. All kinds of advanced features are available depending on the model, of course.


LMP is very likely to beat the big car rental company’s prices, too. In many cases by a lot. We have overhead advantages and we use them to provide you with the best deals. Check LMP out today!


Rent a vehicle for a day, a week or more. Save up to 15% by renting for a whole month. And if you want to keep it longer, join our subscription service and save even more! Check it out.

Replacement Rentals

Vehicle in the shop? We’re here for you! With an average repair time of around two weeks we know keeping life moving is important. We have the vehicle you need.

It’s a big idea!

Subscribe your car.

The automotive landscape has changed. In addition to buying, leasing or renting a vehicle, LMP now offers its exciting, new vehicle subscription plan! It’s a modern concept and similar in nature to film, television and music subscription services, in that you pay a monthly fee in exchange for access to a car. Browse our huge inventory, select the vehicle you’d like and investigate an all-inclusive vehicle subscription. It’s a great alternative to owning or leasing with no long-term contracts. You have the flexibility to up-or-downgrade your vehicle monthly with the vehicle payment adjusted accordingly. Joining is easy!


LMP Subscriptions

Subscribe. Drive. Swap.SM

Check out our new subscription model! It's a great option for anyone. No long-term commitment. No down payment. No maintenance.

LMP Motors


One of the best features of an LMP Subscription is its flexibility. One month you may need an economical Toyota Corolla. The next, you may need a 7-passenger seating like in a Nissan Armada. Or the luxury of a Mercedes E300. Your choice.


LMP offers the easiest way to drive whatever you want, even if your needs or preferences change as often as monthly. Pick a ride, sign the docs and off you go.

Quick Approval

LMP’s approval process is quick, simple and designed for all situations. Self-employed? Yep. Foreign National? No Problem. No credit? Apply now.


Everything’s included, from maintenance to upkeep. No more regular car expenses or “to do” lists. It’s done.

Commitment - FREE

An LMP subscription has no long-term commitments – ever. LMP gives you the freedom to drive the car you want as long as you want and the flexibility to walk away at any time.